Quality Assurance

Four R’s of software quality assurance

IT organizations must adopt a focused approach and a comprehensive methodology for end-to-end testing. In a SearchSoftwareQuality.com blog, an expert from LeapStoneSoft Inc. discusses the 4 R’s of software quality assurance:

Risk: Risk-based testing helps quantify and mitigate risks in the life cycle of applications, and prioritize tests more effectively.

Return on investment: Automation improves return on investment (ROI) on testing significantly. In addition, environment optimization and reducing dependencies maximize ROI on investment early in the application life cycle.

Regulations: The focus of regulatory compliance is on safeguarding the privacy of customers. Independent verification and validation services are required in a landscape where different entities within the enterprise may be responsible for regulation and compliance.

Rich customer experience: Tools for 'eye-capturing', early code, and prototyping enable early testing of usability, flexibility and accessibility of the software.

Our expert also takes a look at the shift that is happening – from user interface to end-to-end testing with distributed, multi-tier architecture in a service-oriented architecture and unique approaches to ERP testing.

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